Psycho-Educational Consultation

Recommendations of academic, social, emotional and behavioral functioning, which may include school-based modifications. Referrals to other professionals in the community may be recommended to undergo comprehensive Psycho-Educational Evaluations.        



As a therapist I am passionate about the need in our community for counseling services that will promote a child’s optimal well-being. Focusing on the unique social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs of each child is very important in the therapeutic process. Collaboration with parents, educators and other professionals strengthens connections between home, school and the community.

As a Certified Family Court Mediator I also work collaboratively with parents, children and/or attorneys to lessen the emotional impact of divorce for all concerned. My focus is on the well-being of the parents divorcing, but more importantly, on that of the children involved.

Educational Advocacy


Help parents obtain, understand, implement and monitor an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan at their child’s school. As needed, consultation with other professionals such as: teachers, doctors, therapists, etc., in order to develop the most comprehensive intervention plan needed for each child.

Parent/Guardian Consultation

Initial, ongoing parental involvement is encouraged. Reporting to the parent of their child’s progress is made so long as it conforms to the limits of confidentiality. Ongoing discussion and planning with parent(s)/guardian is emphasized in order to develop skills and tools the child may need. 

When conducting psycho-educational, therapy, counseling or consultation services consideration will always be given to individual differences.           

Divorce/Separation Counseling


As a Certified Family Court Mediator and mental health professional I help children and work with parents to cope with divorce, separation and its aftermath. 

Children are our future and their resilience and strong coping skills pending parents’ separation and divorce largely depends on how parents resolve their conflicts. Mediation allows parties to make their own decisions about their future and the future well being of their children.

The children who adjust best to divorce are those who have substantial continuing contact with both parents and whose parents provide a healthy model for resolving conflicts.



My primary focus and passion is to provide children and families with necessary skills for healthy functioning. My goal is to help children whose emotional and/or behavioral issues impede optimal psychological well-being and academic success.

My process a cognitive behavioral approach for symptom resolution in conjunction with a humanistic approach with an emphasis on self-acceptance and insight.

Areas of expertise are anxiety, behavioral/academic difficulties, special needs, healthy parenting, life adjustments using talk therapy, play therapy, behavior modification, cognitive behavioral therapy and self-regulation training.